100% Grass Fed Beef

The gold standard of grass-fed and grass-finished beef. From birth to butcher, our cattle are raised on grass forage. Detailed grazing management ensures that our cattle move to fresh pasture every day - sometimes twice per day. The result is the highe

Farm Sampler Bundle

NEW - A taste of all the favorites

Prime Rib

4 bone - 8lb average

100% Grass Fed Beef Stix

half pound packs

Beef Bacon

12oz - Thick Sliced

Ground Beef Patties

3 per pack (1/3lb each)

Kabab Cubes

17 - 18oz

Filet Mignon

4oz - fully trimmed

Skirt Steak


Flank Steak

22 - 24oz

Pot Roast

3 - 3.5lb

Short Ribs

26 -29oz

Beef Brisket

Point Cut

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