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Purely Grass - the Gold Standard

posted on

May 5, 2024

    "That was the best (steak/burger/roast) I have ever eaten". It is a quote we hear a lot. I want to take a moment to share with you a snippet of how we do it with purely grass.  Most people are used to grass-fed beef that should be more appropriately called "grass-starved" beef.   

    The general understanding is that you just turn some cattle out to a pasture and let them do the rest.  That would be true if your goal is mediocre.  What we do here is blend the art and science of grazing management to produce a well-marbled piece of meat that is produced by purely grass.  Words can describe certain things, but I want to show you in this video a key part of what we do to create the gold standard in purely grass-fed beef.  What you are seeing is leading-edge planned grazing management.

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