Woodland Raised Pork

Our pork comes from over twenty generations of selective breeding to produce the finest flavor anywhere. Every pig is born here and raised here in a holistic balance with our woodland ecosystem. It is quite literally "hog heaven".

See it all come together in the video below

Farm Sampler Bundle

Most Popular Taste of Everything

Smoked Pork Burger

2 - 8oz Patties

Pork Tenderloin

20-22oz One Loin Per Pack

Bone-in Chops

12-13oz each (2 per pack)

Boneless "Breakfast" Chops

18-20oz - 4 per pack - Thin cut

Coppa Steak

16oz (Two steaks per pack)

Pork Riblets

3.5 - 4lb (4 sections per pack)

Pork Loin for Carnitas

30-33oz. Ready to braise

Smoked Pork Jowl

14-16oz Thick Sliced

Smoked Pork Bacon

It's BACK! (12oz packs - Thick Sliced)

Ham Steak


Pork Spare Ribs

3.6lb Full cut

Pork Roast

3.25-3.60 lb

Pork Hot Dogs

16oz 8 per pack

Pork Kielbasa

20oz - 5 Links

Pork Beer Brats

20oz - 5 Links

Sausage Patties

12oz 6 per pack

Pork Fat for Lard

Pure white amazingness