Woodland Raised Pork

Our pork comes from over twenty generations of selective breeding to produce the finest flavor anywhere. Every pig is born here and raised here in a holistic balance with our woodland ecosystem. It is quite literally "hog heaven".

See it all come together in the video below

Farm Sampler Bundle

NEW - A taste of all the favorites

Pork Tenderloin

19-21oz One Loin Per Pack

Bone-in Chops

22 - 24oz (2 per pack)

Coppa Steak

22-24oz (Two steaks per pack)

Smoked Pork Jowl

14-16oz Thick Sliced

Smoked Bacon

16oz - Thick Sliced

Ham Steak


Pork Spare Ribs

2.25 - 2.75lb

Pork Roast

2.5 - 3lb

Pork Hot Dogs

16oz 8 per pack

Sausage Patties

16oz 8 per pack

Pork Fat for Lard

Pure white amazingness
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