Free Range Pasture-Raised Chicken

Years of development have resulted in the finest poultry available anywhere. Our fully free-range system takes "pasture-raised" chicken to the next level. Zero confinement in the field and a longer growing timeline means our birds move more and forage more than nearly every other pasture-based operation.

See it all come together in the video below

Farm Sampler Bundle

NEW - A taste of all the favorites

Whole Chicken

4 - 4.5lb

Chicken Wings

1.8 - 2lb pack - 10 Whole Wings

Chicken Sausage (Loose Pack)

14-16oz (Not Links or Patties)

Chicken Italian Sausage (Loose Pack)

14-16oz (Not Links or Patties)

Erin's Own Chicken Brats

17-18oz (5 Links)

Chicken Kielbasa

17-18oz (5 Links)

Chicken Cheddar Sausage

17-18oz (5 Links)
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