Purely Grass Fed Beef

Our cattle are raised on pasture from birth to butcher. They are moved to fresh, untouched, diverse grass forage every day -- sometimes twice per day. They don't even know what grain is. This purely grass-fed flavor is enhanced even further by dry aging a minimum of seventeen days. Dustin and Sierrah work side-by-side with our custom butcher to cut and pack each of our beef to perfection.

THIS is the gold-standard of grass fed beef.

Steaks and Burger Bundle

NEW steaks variety and convenience

Chuck Eye Steak

17-19oz 2 per pack

Picanha Steak

2 steaks per pack (14-16oz total)

Tri Tip Steak

16-18oz 1 per pack

Bavette Steak

10-14 oz 1 per pack

Hanger Steak

1.5- 2lbs

Skirt Steak

15oz 2 per pack

Top Round Steak

10-13oz 1 per pack

Premium Brisket Burger

3 patties 5.5-6 oz each

Ground Beef Patties

3 per pack (1/3lb each)

Purely Grass Fed Beef Jerky Strips

NEW Budget Friendly Recipe

Purely Grass Fed Beef Jerky

8 oz packs - whole muscle cuts

Beef Bacon

16-17oz. - Thick Sliced

Beef Hot Dogs

8 per pack

Filet Mignon Center Cut

7- 9oz 1 per pack

Strip Steak

12oz 1 per pack

Ribeye Steak (Bone-in)

19-21oz 1 per pack