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Chuck Eye Roast

Chuck Eye Roast

Poor Man's Prime Rib

Not "Grandma's" Roast

Rich flavor and tenderness. It is well-marbled with fat, which lends itself to a perform well with a high heat fast roast in the oven or offset on the grill.  This is definitely not your grandma's pot roast. 

 2.5 - 3lb average Frozen, Available for immediate delivery/pickup


  1. Steak seasoning heavily on all sides
  2. Rest at room temperature 1-2hrs
  3. Grill offset heat 350 - 450 degrees to 125 internal. (oven 350 degrees)
  4. Rest 15min

NOTES: the outside edges will be more well done, while the middle will stay medium rare. Slice as thin as your knife's sharpness will allow!