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Farm Blog Highlights

August 29, 2023
"That was the best (steak/burger/roast) I have ever eaten". It is a quote we hear a lot. I want to take a moment to share with you a snippet of how we do it with purely grass.
August 4, 2023
We believe that modern advances in technology have a rightful place within agriculture. Starvation on a planet with eight billion people is not from a lack of production. This fact is a direct result of technological advances in food production in the past eight decades....

Cooking Tips and Recipes

June 23, 2023
We sell a ton of chicken breasts (literally!). It pains us to imagine how many of them are being served to family and friends OVERCOOKED, chewy and dry. Not any more folks. If you follow this simple protocol, you're going to unlock the magic of eating amazing chicken every time.

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June 23, 2023
Kitchen Quick Tip How many people are unknowingly over-cooking chicken breasts because they don't follow this one, simple principle? If you have not been doing this to your breasts before cooking them, chances are high that you're one of them!

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150+ Five Star Reviews (and counting)

I've had hot dogs, burgers, bacon, steaks and the list goes on. The quality of the meat is unlike anything I've ever had. The owners, Dustin and Erin go to great lengths to be transparent about their process from raising the animals through butchering, which is impressive!
Nic H
Zoe farms is an outstanding local gem! Not only is what they produce the best quality meat, eggs, produce (and more!) you can buy, their passion to create this and share it with others is palpable. I feel better every time I stop by, knowing that I’m supporting a local business that provides high quality food produced by even higher quality people!
Tina B
Zoe Farms is one of the most incredible operations - built on honesty, hard work, family, and an overall genuine care for what they do and the people they serve! Feeding our family with true organic food is no better feeling! And supporting a family that puts their heart and soul into their products is just as important! Thank you Zoe Farms!!!
Liz B
I love watching the videos and reading all the updates. This family does it right and I am so thankful to have them in my backyard. Words can't express the gratitude I have for all that they do to bring high quality food to my family and everyone local's tables. Raising the collective vibration. They do it right! Thank you!
Victoria H
I am a rushed, no time for this, lazy cooker! Let me tell you....the new cubed chicken and fajita strip chicken are AMAZING for quick HEALTHY meals. Thank you for branching out and offering "something for everyone"!! Love love your family and what you do!
Jill R
Zoe Farms is a Godsend for all types of healthy, unprocessed food. Upon changing all of my meat buying to them in the last couple of years, not only have I generally felt stronger with more energy, my bloodwork markers(for what they're worth) are the best they've ever been. My physician, who is on the more cutting edge healthcare field said my bloodwork was quite impressive. That's with eating lots of red meat, chicken, milk and other things from Zoe. I love steaks, hamburger, chicken and pork and it's awesome to know that eating naturally raised animals like this is actually doing my body good.
Scott A
I bought the 15 minute dinner bundle. I am loving it! You really can cook dinner in fifteen minutes and it is good for you!! I love watching your cooking videos for ideas too! Keep up the good work!
Tana W
ZOE Farms specializes in producing the gold-standard in grass-fed beef, free range pasture raised chicken, turkey, eggs and forest raised pork. We are family owned and operated in Stark County, Canton Ohio