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Ribeye Steak, Bone-in

Ribeye Steak, Bone-in

16-18 oz each

The grand-daddy of steaks, and a measurement of how the "industry" grades beef. A well-marbled ribeye is the sign of incredibly abundant nutrition. Industrial beef does this with corn and a sedentary life, leaving a high ratio of omega6 fats. We do it purely with grass and movement, making this the most flavorful, healthy omega3 fat steak we offer. 

Each steak is cut about an inch and a quarter with a rib bone attached

Below is a "reverse sear method"

  1. Season with salt only
  2. Rest at room temperature 2hrs (or more)
  3. Slowly bring up to 100 degrees internal using a 180 degree oven
  4. Transfer to a high heat grill or medium high cast iron. Flip every minute till 125 internal in the eye of the steak. 
  5. Scoop of butter on top, add steak blend seasoning before serving