Beef Brisket Whole

Beef Brisket Whole

7.5 - 9lb - Fully Trimmed, ready to season

Fire up the BBQ and invite some friends to enjoy the most exquisite grass-finished flavor ever. There is no comparison.

A message from Dustin -

Briskets at the store are known as a "packer cut". You lose about 20% of the weight by trimming off fat. With these briskets, it's all done for you. The price you see is READY TO GO! If you plan to barbecue yours, here are a few tips to make it perfect:

  1. Rub with your favorite spices - preferably 24-48hrs in advance.
  2. 225 degrees with frequent spritzing - I prefer apple cider. Be sure to use a water pan to keep moisture in your pit.
  3. Foil wrap at the stall (about 160 degrees) - add 1 cup tallow. (we have tallow at The Caboose). BTW - foil wrapping is not cheating. Plenty of pro's do it. Don't let some YouTuber con you into feeling guilty for using foil! Remove from heat at 205 internal temp.
  4. Rest inside a cooler until it hits 140.

Plan on about 8-10 hours from the time you put it on until the time you serve. Enjoy!

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