Purely Grass Fed 1/8th of Beef

Purely Grass Fed 1/8th of Beef

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Save nearly $80 over purchasing individually

Erin created this bundle based on many questions about the beef quarters. All of the items are specifically chosen for versatility and high value meal preparation. It is also a more manageable size for most smaller households and available for pickup or delivery right now.

You get:

20 packs of ground beef (1lb packs)

8 packs of burger patties (3 patties per pack)

2 Strip steaks

4 Chuck eye steaks (2 steaks per pack)

2 Sirloin Steaks

3 Roasts (2-2.5lbs each)

2 Smoked beef bacon

2 packs of stew cubes (1lb each)

2 packs of short ribs (4-6 per pack)