Farm Sampler Bundle

Farm Sampler Bundle

All of the favorites in one box

It's BACK! A "tour" of our most popular items combined into one, convenient bundle... we also threw in a nice savings!

Each bundle contains the following:

2 Dozen of the best eggs in the galaxy

1 pack boneless chicken breasts (2 per pack)

1 pack boneless chicken thighs (4 per pack)

1 Italian chicken sausage links (5 links per pack)

1 apple maple chicken sausage links (5 links per pack)

1 pack ground chicken

1 chicken wings (8 whole wings per pack)

2 NY Strip Steaks

1 Sirloin Steak

3 pounds ground beef

1 ground beef patties (3 patties)

1 beef pot roast (Family size)

1 pack Smoked Pork Bacon

1 thin cut pork chops (4 per pack)

1 pork breakfast sausage patties (4 patties)

1 Italian Pork Sausage (5 links per pack)

1 Ham Steak