Life of the Last Turkey

November 29, 2022

I did NOT do this as some sort of stunt. Nobody dared me. Erin and Sierrah didn't even know that I was doing it at first.

I have read about cultures that drink the blood of the animals they kill, and I wanted to see what it was like. I wanted an experience that I've never had. What was it like to consume the life my hands just took?

I'm sharing this video to share a broader thought. Look at me in the video. This is not a warm, fuzzy, picturesque view of a farmer and his beloved creatures. This is raw, it's harsh, it's real. This is the sight of a killer. -- and that killer is me. I see a lot of words in this business being used to distance consumers from what's really going on. I understand why, but I don't partake in it. We do not "harvest" chickens or "process" cattle here. I want to be clear as crystal in this reality - an animal must give it's life so we may consume it. Erin and I believe that ZOE Farms exists to invite a consumer into a deeper, more mindful relationship with eating. Further to that, we believe this practice of mindful consumption uncovers a pathway toward healing our bodies and relationships with our environment. This is way bigger for us than selling more steaks folks! ✌️ - Dustin

Dustin Schnabel

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