Farming is More Than a Job for Us

January 22, 2023

The original paragraph I wrote is below the video. I read it out loud and sent the audio file to Sierrah. She did the rest.

People call us farmers, but what we do here is more than a job. Our passion is for something far beyond food production. Our goals are significantly higher than simply "earning a living". This is about life. We believe that food is more than just calories. We know deep inside that what we consume becomes us. As farmers, we seek to heal our relationships with land and animals -- and in turn, we find ourselves being healed. We have discovered that wellness is within our reach. We want to share this experience through the food we produce. Our job -- the way we "earn a living" is to extend an invitation to anyone seeking to discover that food is more than fuel. It is life. It is this life that becomes us.

Dustin Schnabel

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