House Fire at Sierrah and Morgan's

February 15, 2022

(VIDEO AT END) (See the 1yr update HERE)

There are so many of you who support what we do. When I made a post on social media the day after this, we experienced an outpouring of people wanting to know how they can help. Allow me to first clarify a few things.

  1. All people and animals are safe. Sierrah has some lung issues from breathing in so much smoke, but she believes she'll be okay.
  2. I don't want to over-dramatize this - except the fact that Sierrah is the reason there is a house still standing.

The purpose of this post is to share with all of you who have loved our family and supported our mission. While this is not a catastrophic loss, it is nonetheless a pretty descent setback.

"How can I help?"

We've had hundreds of these questions. I cannot express to you the gratitude in our hearts for being surrounded by so much love from so many. (You know me - I'm usually not at a loss for words! ) Please, we ask - don't leave "donations" in the money in the box. We don't need donations. We're not in dire straits, just knocked down a bit. I must admit, however, it's somewhat a scary situation knowing that our biggest cash outlays are just around the corner as we enter our spring production season.

Burgers and breasts -

That's what's going to snap us back financially. If everyone we know drops by and gets five packs of burger and five packs of breasts this week... problem solved. Why burgers and breasts? It's what we have a lot of on-hand right now. Sure, pickup some bacon, eggs, bread and other stuff... but's it's really burgers and breasts that we have enough inventory right now to make a difference. There aren't enough steaks to make a difference right now. That's just the truth.

I cut together a short video below to share a little bit of what it was like Sunday night and give Sierrah a chance to explain for herself what she did. That house is standing today because she took the RIGHT action QUICKLY. The fire chief agreed - she saved the house.

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