My First Podcast Experience

March 14, 2023

Back in October, I took a break from cutting up some chicken to check my email, phone messages and social media messages.  Someone sent a private message on the farm's Instagram account.  I wiped of my chicken schmootz-covered hands and had a quick look.  I knew immediately, this would have to wait.  I typed out as thoughtful of a response I could.  We get inundated with messages from all media platforms, but this guy actually used whole sentences and proper punctuation.  It was a message that stood apart from the social media gibberish I'm growing all too accustomed to seeing.  I digress - 

The response was simple: "we are up to our eyes right now clearing out the fields and filling the freezers"... 

We ended up sitting down the first week of March to have our discussion.  I had a great time talking. So much so, Sierrah is in acquisition mode to begin our own ZOE Farms version of a podcast. More on that later.  In the meantime - here are the links where you can listen on Spotify and Apple.  

Be sure to shoot me a note and let me know your thoughts - Dustin

APPLE Podcast          Spotify Podcast

Quick note - I did not know Lance planned to record my infatuation with dry-aged chicken and beef for six minutes.  The real substance of the discussion begins about six minutes into the podcast.  

Dustin Schnabel

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