Sometimes it can go sideways - quickly.

December 13, 2022

We share a lot of videos on our social media of our animals, how we raise them and how we interact with them. We almost never show videos of the "dicey" moments. This isn't because we think "you can't handle the truth"! These situations almost never get recorded because all of us are up to our eyes in adrenaline. The last idea on our mind is to say - "hey, make sure you record this!"

Sierrah and Morgan were moving our future boar (Oscar - on the right) into an area next to our current boar (Petey - on the left). The reason the girls were recording was because all was fine and good... until it wasn't.

Very quickly, the girls realized that the fence wasn't going to stop them from killing each other. Look at the video and you will see parts of the fence that were mangled by these 500lb testosterone-fueled beasts trying to get at one another. Imagine what one of them would do if we got between them? That's just what Sierrah and Morgan had to do. Since they were going to wreck the "physical barrier" fence, the girls had to think quickly to get one of the sides electrified. They worked together to run the 8000volt wire on Petey's side. After several pops on the nose from the "psychological barrier", the "physical barrier" fence was now safe.

Erin and I received a text message the morning after this incident - "...everybody needs to be extremely cautious of Petey and Oscar. Oscar came after me when I got their feeders out this morning..."

Most days, Petey and Oscar are like 500lb puppies... some days, NOT! Most days, loading cattle happens like clockwork... other days, NOT. We do our best to foresee these situations, but sometimes our best plans can go sideways -- quickly!

✌️ - Dustin

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